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Nathan Nicholls: welder/sculptor of recycled/found object metal. I am a Master Welder and sculptor of recycled/found object metal assemblage, , a photographer and poet. The majority of my work is one-of-a-kind, and made from my heart, without the primary goal of making money.

I have been transforming my property into an extensive sculpture garden; visitors are welcome to come and meditate, or simply enjoy the view. One of my artistic goals is to draw attention to the societal tendency toward consumer waste, and I hope to open the mind of the viewer to potential re-purposing.

I see shapes in junk that remind me of natural life, and work them in varied scale into my art. I prefer rust as a patina because it is a living surface that gives life to the piece. I do not usually grind the metal or welds to smoothness because the texture of the weld gives it life as well. I take joy in watching people identify what I have incorporated in the piece. I paint some of my works, but usually only to enhance the resemblance of the piece to the subject matter I seek to represent. I am not limited by scale or subject matter, only by availability of raw materials. Fundamentally, the junk has to find me, there are no local junk art supply stores.

I draw inspiration and motivation from anything in life -- love, anger, or frustration, for example – universal emotions motivate and inspire me.

I have works on display and for sale at my home gallery in Waldoboro, Maine, and at many area galleries and businesses. I have sold works to many people far and near.

I hope you enjoy my work and thanks for caring to know more.

Nate Nicholls a.k.a Recyclesculptor
You are welcome to visit:
Recycleart Gallery of Home and Garden Sculpture
483 Bremen Rd
Waldoboro, Maine
Email - recyclesculptor@yahoo.com

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